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Don’t Leave Your Best Leads Hanging

Target your website visitors, qualify leads and drive well-timed actions using messaging as an interface.

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Meet Ava, Your AI-powered sales assistant.

Hi! I'm Ava. I can help drive website visitors smoothly into your sales pipeline. Whether it's a fresh visitor coming to check out your blog, or a qualified lead on your pricing page ready to take action, I work 24/7 to generate, qualify and engage leads.

By the time your team joins the conversation, I would have collected the info you want, or better, drove well-timed actions.

How it works

Your customers hate filling up forms as much as you do; they're static, impersonal and they get into the way. Install chat widget, and make your team less busy collecting information while focusing on what matters the most: closing deals.

Target prospects based on events

Stop wasting your website traffic. Turn visitors into valuable leads by triggering the right message at the right time.

Scenario: Visitor checks out your blog for the first time.

Ava sends them a message.

A new Lead record is created.

Lead is tagged with "blog_subscriber".

Lead data automatically goes to Drip.

Qualify leads

Automate your lead qualification process by instructing Ava to ask the right questions and collecting the data you care about the most.

Scenario: A lead checks out your pricing page multiple times.

Ava sends them a message.

user data automatically goes to Segment

Capture data intelligently

Stop manually entering your prospects' info. Ava can parse raw text into structured data such as an email address and update records instantly.

Scenario: Ava asks a lead about their sales CRM.

Ava sends them a message.

Ava detects the lead attribute "sales CRM" as Salesforce

Ava updates records instantly.

Drive well-timed actions

Whether your goal is collect more data or increase the number of demos scheduled, Ava will work around the clock to achieve your goals, even when your team is away.

A lead is successfully qualified.

Ava sends them a message.

A powerful messaging app when your team needs it

Ava will try to capture, qualify and engage every lead. At any part of the conversation, however, your team can jump in and intervene. acts then as a normal messenger but with a lot of powerful tools that helps your team capture more leads and drive them to take valuable actions.

Let the chat widget follow your schedule so that Ava knows when it’s appropriate to notify you.

Take advantage of a variety of messages types such as attribute capture forms and deep linked messages.

Save your responses and use them later when similar questions pop up.

Notify your teammates to instantly join you in a conversation you’re handling when certain situations arise.

Install on your site, and start converting more visitors into valuable leads.

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